Ashland things to do, Before my play, Ashland Afternoon Activites Working at the front desk of a hotel lobby often exposes me to short snippets of conversation as people are walking through.   A frequent issue for those who have traveled to Ashland from out of town is that of what to do in the short amount of time before going to see a play at OSF (Oregon Shakespeare Festival).   The next time you find yourself in this situation, consider these options.

What to do when you have 1 hour until your play begins:

If you find yourself with an hour or more to kill, check out Liquid Assets.  Just a few blocks from the Shakespeare theaters, it boasts a great wine list as well as a small but artistically crafted menu.  The ambiance is posh but comfortable and once acquainted, you may find yourself spending long afternoons enjoying a newly featured wine right on the Boulevard (with or without play tickets).

You have ½ hour or less until your play starts:

If you find yourself in that semi-awkward space of time where you can”™t really settle into a restaurant before having to leave for your play, I recommend checking out MIX.  Located on the corner of the plaza, it is an easy walk to the play houses.  Not only do they offer great coffees/ lattes, they also have an incredible pastry selection that is prepared in-house.  Grab a macaroon and enjoy a leisurely walk back to the theaters.

You have 15 minutes or less:

Okay, so maybe with 15 minutes or less you should just relax and wait for the doors of the playhouse to open.  If however, you prefer a last minute tour of Ashland”™s downtown, grab a coffee at Starbucks and cross the street to Paddington Station.  There you will find a wide assortment of gift ideas ranging from beautiful to practical, and even funny.

No matter how little time you have Ashland”™s streets offer a multitude of entertainment options and whether or not you take these suggestions, I am sure you will find enjoyable ways to fill your time as you wait for your next play.