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A taste of Ashland

Photo by Mike Connolly

1.)  Ski and snowboard on Mt. Ashland.  The slogan it’s steeper here lives up to it’s name. With only one real beginner hill and the rest of the mountain at intermediate or expert. I only say expert because most of the skiing to be had at this mountain is in the trees or on the backside. With only 4 lifts you will find yourself searching out the secret stashes and stretching out the downs by traversing more.  We love our little mountain and find many adventures going cross country out the back  side of the parking lot.  Hiking over to the other peeks and getting a few up downs.

4.)  Snowshoe & Ski  at Crater Lake. Whether you like back country skiing, alpine touring, or snowshoeing this half mountain has big elevation gains and drops with amazing views.   The views of the