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America’s first Elizabethan theatre is in the heart of Ashland Oregon.

Antony and Cleopatra were pretty much the Brangelina of ancient times, only a whole lot more dramatic.

In this tragedy””written by none other than Shakespeare himself around 1608””Mark Antony (no, not that Marc Anthony) and Cleopatra fall in love. Simple enough, right?  Wrong.  These two aren’t your average star-crossed lovers. Oh no. They both rule over two of the most important empires in history: Rome and Ancient Egypt.

The play opens in Cleopatra”™s palace in Alexandria, Egypt. But as the story continues, Antony”™s political and social duties take the action to Rome, Syria, Actium, Parthia (modern-day Iraq), Athens, and various military camps throughout Egypt. The thing is, Antony and Cleopatra aren’t very good at the whole despot-jetsetter lifestyle and are constantly put in locations and situations where they question each other’s loyalty and love.

We won’t give away too much, but the fact that this is a tragedy should tell you a lot about how the play ends. The ending serves as yet another example of how passion mingled with power, treachery, and misunderstanding can lead to a tragic end. We see this time and again in Shakespeare”™s great works.


The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is in full swing! As the summer continues on, don’t miss your chance to see a world renown theatrical performance; one of Shakespeare’s wonderful plays: Antony and Cleopatra. Being America’s first Elizabethan Theatre, the Allen Elizabethan Theatre is the perfect venue to share a laugh, feel your heart beat, and be entertained by a world class enactment of a fabled tale depicting the fateful journey of love as it is bestowed upon the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra.

A Love That Changed History

One fateful meeting reshapes the ancient world when the great Roman warrior Mark Antony, like Caesar before him, falls in love with the incomparable Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. His devotion to desire rather than duty is the beginning of a downward spiral for him, the Republic and Cleopatra, the last in her bloodline. Shakespeare”™s tragedy presents history as a breathtaking pageant full of passion, intrigue, exotic locales and the larger-than-life characters that brought about the death of an Egyptian dynasty and the birth of the Roman Empire.

Run Time: Three hours and six minutes, including one intermission.

Strobe lights, theatrical fog and haze, e-cigarettes and the sound of gunshots will be used in this production.

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