Inside Our Boutique Hotel In Ashland, ORl: A Look at Our Design and Amenities

It’s a classic problem – where to go for vacation? With so many exciting destinations out there, it can be difficult to narrow down the choices. It often feels like the world is full of possibilities, but you don’t know which one is right for you. You can find everything you are looking for in Ashland, OR. 

Stay at our boutique hotel in Ashland, OR, The Stratford Inn, and experience a world of difference from regular hotels. Boutique hotels are the crème de la crème of lodgings, offering unique experiences you won’t find at your average run-of-the-mill establishment. The charm of boutique hotels comes from their emphasis on creating an intimate atmosphere – think cozy, homey vibes with lots of personality. 

indoor pool

Book Your Stay With Our Spa Suite Kitchenette Room

At the Stratford Inn, comfort and convenience are essential for a great stay. Unlike other hotels in Ashland, our boutique hotel gives you a personal approach to lodging. We take care of every detail for you. 

Our spa suite kitchenette offers everything you need to cook up a storm in style. No more running around looking for spoons and forks – all your cooking needs are covered! And when it comes to sleeping arrangements, your family will sleep soundly every night with a sofa bed, queen-sized bed, and even a pull-down Murphy bed. 

Enjoy Our Shakespearean Library

The Stratford Inn in Ashland, OR, is a great place to stay if you’re a Shakespeare fan. Not only can you enjoy all the comforts of home while visiting the idyllic town, but you will also find that the inn has a private library! The inn’s knowledgeable staff has carefully curated this collection of literary works for literature lovers of all ages. 

The Shakespearean Festival in Ashland, OR, attracts many out-of-town visitors and provides community engagement opportunities. The high-quality productions have rejuvenated the town and made it an attractive destination for theater enthusiasts.

Indoor Pool And Hot Tub

The Stratford Inn in Ashland, OR, offers the perfect relaxing way after a day of exploration and activities. Take a dip in the pool and let your worries float away, or take a long soak in the hot tub. The hot tub has been fitted with jets for maximum comfort, so you can get that deep tissue massage while enjoying the view of the surrounding hills. Let all your cares slip away as you relax in the warm waters while looking up at a star-filled sky. The Stratford Inn truly has it all for an unforgettable stay! 

Unwind At The Stratford Inn And Make Your Vacation Memorable

Ashland, Oregon, is an adventure-seekers paradise! You will find a variety of things to do in Ashland. Whether looking for a tranquil hike in the woods or trekking up a mountain, there’s something for everyone. From scenic trails to lush forests, the natural beauty of Ashland will leave you breathless.

 After a day filled with sightseeing and adventure, there is no better way to unwind than by taking advantage of all the Stratford Inn offers. Our spa suite kitchenette has everything you need to prepare a meal and relax in our spacious accommodations. We look forward to seeing you!

indoor pool

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Customer Reviews

Indoor pool/sauna comes with toys for your kids. Very close to downtown but the safeway is right across the street so it makes it easy to get food and beverages.
ed rufino
ed rufino
March 14, 2022.
The staff made the stay exceptional. Room and common areas are very nice, but the friendly and accommodating team created a 5 star stay.
James Votanek
James Votanek
March 13, 2022.
Nice rooms hot tub indoor pool and breakfast everydsy
Donavan Harding
Donavan Harding
March 1, 2022.
This is a very convenient location with parking. The rooms are spacious and well equipped with refrigerator and microwave. It was mostly clean (bathtub walls needed some attention) and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Their grab-and-go breakfast was better than most. I would not hesitate to stay here again.
Karyn Christner
Karyn Christner
February 16, 2022.

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