Top 4 Must-Visit Attractions Near Stratford Inn In Ashland

Welcome to Ashland, Oregon, the gem of the Pacific Northwest! From the captivating Oregon Shakespeare Festival to the tranquil Lithia Park, Ashland brims with culture and natural beauty. Explore eclectic local shops, taste local wines, or hike the breathtaking trails. It’s the perfect escape for friends looking for diverse experiences. Pack your bags; an unforgettable vacation awaits!

Let’s explore 4 of the top tourist attractions you can do in Ashland, OR. 

Let’s Explore 4 Top Attractions In Ashland, OR 

Ashland, OR, is a town bursting with charm and cultural vibrancy. Renowned for its annual Shakespeare Festival, the town is a haven for theater enthusiasts. Outdoor adventurers will love the hiking trails in Lithia Park, perfect for nature lovers. Look at the top 4 tourist attractions you can visit around town. 

Visit Escape Games 

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Escape rooms in Ashland, OR, offer just that, plus a dash of adrenaline. Imagine being locked in a room with your friends, solving mind-bending puzzles and cracking codes to win your freedom. It’s a fun way to spend your time and an unforgettable experience that strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival 

Immerse yourself in the magic of storytelling at the Oregon Shakespearean Festival! Witness classic tales like ‘Romeo and Juliet’ unfurl, or join the gallant ‘Three Musketeers’ on their exciting escapades. Nothing beats the thrill of live theater – an experience that genuinely stays with you.

Visit Picturesque Parks 

Ashland, OR, is a treasure trove of scenic beauty with parks like Lithia Park, Ashland Creek Park, and North Mountain Park. Each offers unique charm, from Lithia’s enchanting garden to North Mountain’s community garden. It’s truly a haven for nature lovers!

Ski Mt. Ashland 

For the adrenaline junkie, the slopes of Mt. Ashland in Ashland, Oregon, offer an unparalleled rush. Amidst its snowy peaks, the whistling wind and the swift descent combine to ignite an exhilarating symphony of thrills. This mountain is a haven for those who chase the excitement, seeking to conquer their next adventure.

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Indoor pool/sauna comes with toys for your kids. Very close to downtown but the safeway is right across the street so it makes it easy to get food and beverages.
ed rufino
ed rufino
March 14, 2022.
The staff made the stay exceptional. Room and common areas are very nice, but the friendly and accommodating team created a 5 star stay.
James Votanek
James Votanek
March 13, 2022.
Nice rooms hot tub indoor pool and breakfast everydsy
Donavan Harding
Donavan Harding
March 1, 2022.
This is a very convenient location with parking. The rooms are spacious and well equipped with refrigerator and microwave. It was mostly clean (bathtub walls needed some attention) and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Their grab-and-go breakfast was better than most. I would not hesitate to stay here again.
Karyn Christner
Karyn Christner
February 16, 2022.

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