A taste of Ashland

Come explore Lithia Park Ashland’s crown jewel. This 100 acre park includes the meandering Lithia Creek, large greens-capes, a maze of trails,  duck ponds, a swimming reservoir, tennis courts (pickleball), a sand-pit volleyball court, picnic areas, a band shell for concerts, colorful landscaping and  a playground for the kiddos.  Located in the hub of Ashland, you can grab a bite and head into the park.  You will probably see a bunch of deer and a lot of ducks in the two main ponds. You might also catch a glimpse of a turtle in the upper duck pond.  Wander your way from town following the creek, you will see the first main field and duck pond number one.  Further up you will find the playground where your kid’s can try out the rope mountain.

Past the playground if you continue up the path along the creek, you come to a bridge where you can cross the creek and check out the fountain and band shell or continue along the creek.  Did you know the some of the upper part of the park was designed in part by John McLaren, who was the superintendent of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for more than 50 years? He and his brother Donald McLaren worked on the designs for Lithia Park.  If your in for a little hike, take the main trail all the way up the creek and you will find Lithia Reservoir.  If you cross the creek you can get a quick drink of Lithia Water and head up to check out the fountain.  From the fountain you can see the band shell where local bands and concerts are played from time to time.From the fountain  you can walk up through the sycamore tree grove and into the Japanese gardens. 

Make sure to take your time in the gardens and check out all the cool plants. Past the Japanese garden, on the other side of the road you will come across the volleyball and tennis courts.  Moving on up into the park, you will come across the second duck pond which if you look closely you can find turtles sun bathing.   The next thing you come across heading further up into the park is the community buildings and parks & rec office.  The reservoir is at the top where there are a lot of places to picnic, meander and hang out along Lithia Creek.

Come explore Ashland’s Lithia Park for yourself and see why we love it so much and why it’s really the heart and soul of the town.

Lithia Park is free and open to the public seven days a week from dawn until 11 p.m.
Map of Lithia Park