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Come check out the 2019 Oregon Cabaret Theater Running January – December

Come enjoy dinner and a show! The Oregon Cabaret Theater has provided first-class entertainment and dining in the Rogue Valley for more then thirty years, with unforgettable productions featuring professional performers from all over the country. Located one block from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in a beautifully remodeled historic church, the Cabaraet's venue [...]

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Ashland Woodlands & Trails Association 9 am, Saturday, March 30

WHAT: We'll spiff up the Wonder trail. WHEN: 9 am, Saturday, March 30. We'll work until 2-ish (with plenty of breaks!) Please arrive early to fill out once-a-year waivers if you haven't already. WHERE: We'll meet at the usual parking area at Bandergate above Lithia Park. This is near the Waterline and Bandersnatch trailhead. There is lots of parking. (map) BRING: Gloves, water, snacks [...]

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Have fun and give back by volunteering for a trail work day

Trail lovers unite! Join one of the local trail groups in giving back to the trails.  Here is an upcoming trail work day  that you ca get in on.  There is usually free food and beverages :) March 23rd Southern Oregon Trail Alliance is hosting a trail day at Taylor Creek & Briggs [...]

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The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Good hygiene and cleanliness are important qualities. Keeping your property properly maintained and cleaned to a standard you are pleased with, can sometimes be an uphill battle. Life seems to get more and more hectic, with a heavier load of work, family, and social commitments; particularly as our lives get more interconnected. So [...]

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Winchester Inn Dickens’ Feast

Join The Winchester Inn for their annual Dickens' Holiday Feast!  The six-course meal, featuring many Christmastime staples, is a favorite for lovers of a traditional holiday.  As you wine and dine, enjoy appearances from not only Santa, but Mr. Scrooge as well!  Your evening at this historic inn will also showcase the talents of [...]

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Grizzly Peak Trail

Grizzly Peak Trail: Location:  This 35 minute drive starts south through town on Main Street/Siskiyou towards Southern Oregon University. Turn left on Ashland Street towards Interstate 5. Don”™t get on the Interstate! Go over it! The road sweeps to the right and you will hit an intersection for Dead Indian Road. Turn [...]

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Southern Oregon Wine

Rogue Valley Wineries  Southern Oregon is regarded as a beautiful location better known for the Rogue River and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but a booming new development is sure to add to the list of regional amenities that makes Southern Oregon one of a kind; that development is wine. Southern Oregon hosts a relaxed, [...]

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Top 9 Must See nature spots in Ashland

#9. White Rabbit Trail Photo Credit White Rabbit Trail is a 2.4 mile loop trail and is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking. White Rabbit is regarded as an “easy level” trail; it is close to the town and perfect for a casual hike that provides gorgeous vistas [...]

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OSF 2017 Playbill

The Odyssey (2017): Daniel T. Parker (Cyclops). Also pictured: Buzz Fraser. February 24th marks the opening of the 2017 season for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The festival has annually produced plays since 1935 and is hailed as the best festival to see Shakespearean plays alongside modern interpretations. This season includes; Julius Caesar [...]

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