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The Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Good hygiene and cleanliness are important qualities. Keeping your property properly maintained and cleaned to a standard you are pleased with, can sometimes be an uphill battle. Life seems to get more and more hectic, with a heavier load of work, family, and social commitments; particularly as our lives get more interconnected. So [...]

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Smithfield’s Pub & Pies

Smithfields Pub & Pies Looking for an authentic English dining experience? A newcomer to the Ashland food scene  is Smithfield”™s Pub and Pies, located directly across from their sister restaurant on 2nd Street.  With a mix of sweet and savory pies and English charm the restaurant promises to be a popular gathering [...]

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Grizzly Peak Trail

Grizzly Peak Trail: Location:  This 35 minute drive starts south through town on Main Street/Siskiyou towards Southern Oregon University. Turn left on Ashland Street towards Interstate 5. Don”™t get on the Interstate! Go over it! The road sweeps to the right and you will hit an intersection for Dead Indian Road. Turn [...]

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Southern Oregon Wine

Rogue Valley Wineries  Southern Oregon is regarded as a beautiful location better known for the Rogue River and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, but a booming new development is sure to add to the list of regional amenities that makes Southern Oregon one of a kind; that development is wine. Southern Oregon hosts a relaxed, [...]

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Ashland Culinary Festival

Celebrating Southern Oregon”™s food, drink, talent and creativity, the Ashland Culinary Festival is a three-day event that enables locals, travelers and tourists alike to delve into Ashland”™s rich culinary scene. This year, the event includes a new and improved “Chef Showdown Competition” in which the 12 local chefs competing present their culinary wares in a [...]

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Halloween Fun In Ashland

Halloween is around the corner, and you may find yourself wondering what fun things are happening around town. Starting at 2:30, the Ashland Public Library will be hosting Halloween Story Time so bring your kids and enjoy some spooky tales! From there, you can head outside where the Halloween Parade will be congregating at 3:15 [...]

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Rafting the Rogue River

If you are looking for an outdoor adventure you won”™t soon forget, a rafting trip down the Rogue River with Indigo Creek Outfitters is just what the doctor ordered. This mix of beauty and excitement is a perfect combination sure to satisfy people of all ages and experience levels. Rafting for the first time? [...]

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Finding Healthy Breakfasts in Ashland

Berry yourself in all that Ashland has to offer One of the hardest things when travelling is finding healthy options while dining out.  For those of you who are looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle while visiting Ashland, I have compiled a list of businesses close to the downtown that offer a variety [...]

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What To Do While Waiting For A Play

 Working at the front desk of a hotel lobby often exposes me to short snippets of conversation as people are walking through.   A frequent issue for those who have traveled to Ashland from out of town is that of what to do in the short amount of time before going to see a play at [...]

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