Embark on a Global Culinary Journey at Pangea Restaurant in Ashland, OR

Pangea offers a delightful culinary experience in the heart of Oregon. This extraordinary restaurant, found inside a top Ashland hotel, offers a gastronomic experience across continents. The name ‘Pangea,’ recalls the unified land mass before the continental drift and aptly describes their menu of worldwide flavors.

Pangea’s philosophy is simple but impactful – it serves global cuisine with a strong commitment to local sourcing. Each dish served at Pangea tells a story of its origin, and the ingredients narrate the tale of the fertile Oregon soil they grew in. It’s a harmonious blend of global cuisines prepared with love and local produce. Learn more below!

Great Food And Feel In Ashland, OR

A Global Menu on Your Plate

The menu at Pangea is your ticket to taste the flavors from every corner of the globe. Whether you have a craving for Asian delicacies or Mediterranean fare, there’s something here to satiate your palate. Don’t miss out on the customer favorites and house specials – they are a testament to the culinary prowess of Pangea’s chefs.

An Ambiance That Transports You Across Borders

Step into Pangea and immerse yourself in the decor that mirrors their global cuisine philosophy. The restaurant features a captivating world map on the wall, inviting you on a journey tracing the origins of your meal. It’s not just a dining experience; it’s a journey across borders without leaving the comfort of Ashland.

Sustainability at the Heart of Operations

Pangea stands committed to sustainability. Every aspect of their operation reflects this commitment, from recycling and composting initiatives to using biodegradable products. Dining at Pangea isn’t just about tasting global flavors; it’s about contributing to a sustainable future.

Experience the World at Your Table

Proudly affiliated with the Stratford Inn, our renowned hotel with an indoor pool, Pangea has been a gastronomic haven for hundreds of food lovers and travelers alike. The restaurant’s unique approach to global cuisine, commitment to sustainability, and inviting ambiance have made it a must-visit spot, just like our Ashland hotel.

So, whether you’re a local or planning a trip to the Mt. Ashland area, experience the world on your plate at Pangea. And remember, your journey doesn’t end with the meal. Our boutique hotel offers comfortable lodging to ensure your stay in Ashland is as memorable as your dining experience.

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Customer Reviews

Indoor pool/sauna comes with toys for your kids. Very close to downtown but the safeway is right across the street so it makes it easy to get food and beverages.
ed rufino
ed rufino
March 14, 2022.
The staff made the stay exceptional. Room and common areas are very nice, but the friendly and accommodating team created a 5 star stay.
James Votanek
James Votanek
March 13, 2022.
Nice rooms hot tub indoor pool and breakfast everydsy
Donavan Harding
Donavan Harding
March 1, 2022.
This is a very convenient location with parking. The rooms are spacious and well equipped with refrigerator and microwave. It was mostly clean (bathtub walls needed some attention) and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Their grab-and-go breakfast was better than most. I would not hesitate to stay here again.
Karyn Christner
Karyn Christner
February 16, 2022.

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