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stratford inn ashland in winter
stratford inn ashland

The Stratford Inn was built in 1981 by a group of business friends who loved Ashland and the Shakespeare Festival. Within a few years, only one man remained interested in staying involved and he has been the sole owner of the Stratford Inn for the past 28 years. Jim doesn’t live in Ashland currently, but you can often run into him here as he visits often. In keeping with philosophy, Jim has always wanted family to be involved in the business. Three of his four children live in/near Ashland and work at the Stratford Inn.

In 1996, Josh and Allison Hamik moved to Ashland for some “work experience” after graduating from college. Within that same year, they embraced their new management role and have been growing and expanding the Stratford Inn’s place in Ashland ever since as a favorite resting place for guests to our town. It didn’t take long for Josh to get creative and think outside of the box regarding the endless possibilities for the Stratford in Ashland. In 2002, the Stratford Inn Professional Cleaners was born and is continually growing and creating new relationships with many residences and commercial businesses in town as we clean their homes and facilities.

allison and josh hamik owners of the stratford inn

Jim’s eldest daughter Allison and her husband Josh are the General Managers of the hotel.

In 2004, another business was formed from the Stratford Inn. Passport2Ashland is our internet networking/ advertising/ what’s-up-in-Ashland website. A few years passed and Josh got the itch again to see another idea come to life. This time the itch (or twitch) was for coffee. Boulevard Coffee is has now had a proud home in the Stratford Inn building since 2009. Josh’s inspiration is looking at his resources and finding a way to make them relevant in the ever changing, always evolving town of Ashland.

The Stratford Inn has evolved into a home away from home for many people who have been staying with us for over two decades, as well as our first time visitors who happen upon us. Our location, heart for hospitality and love for our community is what elevates the Stratford Inn as the cleanest, friendliest and most comfortable place to rest while visiting our incredibly special town. We’re happy to have your company, thank you for staying with us!


The Stratford Inn Management Family