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The Image Project

In an era when we must learn to live differently, a “long view” is required. It helps us see the consequences of choices made or avoided. Choices that continue to arise in different guises. The mission of the Imagine Project is to help provide a “long view.”

Historic places are a lens for taking this long view, but they cannot speak for themselves. They must be given a voice. They need to be interpreted for contemporary times. The Imagine Project combines expertise in media communication and historical research to produce interpretive experiences.

One of the ways the Imagine Project allows you to discover Ashland is with a walking tour as one of Ashland”™s finest actors tells the story of a village that grew up in American wilderness. There are three different walking tours you can take and the audio comes from a provided tour player. The Ashland Springs Hotel sells admission to the walk and tour players. For more information on the Imagine Project or there walking tour visit


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