Isn’t Reviewing Fun?

//Isn’t Reviewing Fun?

Isn’t Reviewing Fun?

Nowadays you can find information about pretty much anything and everything on the internet. If you want to buy a new phone, just look online and read the reviews. Want to buy a car? Well you can go online for that too and see how other people like it. What about seeing a Shakespeare play? Well you can search for that too and see what people thought. Reviews are all about providing helpful information and getting other people’s perspective on a variety of different topics.

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Here at the Stratford Inn, we would love all of our guests to go online and rate your stay with us. If you have ever been to a new place and had no idea what hotel you wanted to stay in, you hope that there are reviews so that you can get a sense of the place. Well by our guests going and reviewing us, you can help others make a good decision about where they want to stay during their vacation. Even if your trip to visit us wasn’t a planned one and we just happened to be the place you picked, we would love to hear about how your stay was! I know that when I go somewhere and have an experience, I like to go online and rate them. I know that it will help other people in the future and it will help the business to continue to grow and improve.

So by sharing your experience on one of the many websites where you can review us, you are not only improving someone else future experience but you are also helping us grow as a family. Here at the Stratford Inn, we are like a big family and would love to continue to make our family grow. If you have stayed with us in the past, even if it was just for one night, your opinion counts! By staying with us, you have joined our family and we would love to continue to make our relationship stronger. So please, go online, share your experience and we can’t wait to see you back again soon!


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