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Berry yourself in all that Ashland has to offer

One of the hardest things when travelling is finding healthy options while dining out.  For those of you who are looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle while visiting Ashland, I have compiled a list of businesses close to the downtown that offer a variety of healthy options.

1.   NW RAW Organic Juice Bar – New to the downtown area is this super hip juice bar offering a variety of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and raw granola.  If the routine you are trying to maintain while travelling involves working out in the mornings followed by a light breakfast, NW Raw may be your new favorite morning haunt.

2.  Dragonfly Cafe – While more decadent, Dragonfly Café is the perfect place to enjoy a hearty breakfast filled with local and organic ingredients sourced from their very own farm!  Their menu is a fusion of Latin/Asian inspired dishes and can be enjoyed either in their French door lined dining room as well as their outdoor garden patio.

3.   Ashland Co-Op – While this is not technically a restaurant, I have included Ashland’s Co-Op  Grocery Store because of the way it caters to a variety of health and dietary needs.  Its deli cooks up everything from organic eggs, sausages, and vegetables to breakfast burritos every morning until around 11.  They also offer a fresh juice/smoothie bar where their menu is sure to offer something for everyone.  Fill up a to-go box and enjoy a picnic in Lithia Park!

Here in Ashland we know how important a healthy lifestyle is, and these businesses will surely help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while you are on the road.

Ashland things to do, Before my play, Ashland Afternoon Activites Working at the front desk of a hotel lobby often exposes me to short snippets of conversation as people are walking through.   A frequent issue for those who have traveled to Ashland from out of town is that of what to do in the short amount of time before going to see a play at OSF (Oregon Shakespeare Festival).   The next time you find yourself in this situation, consider these options.

What to do when you have 1 hour until your play begins:

If you find yourself with an hour or more to kill, check out Liquid Assets.  Just a few blocks from the Shakespeare theaters, it boasts a great wine list as well as a small but artistically crafted menu.  The ambiance is posh but comfortable and once acquainted, you may find yourself spending long afternoons enjoying a newly featured wine right on the Boulevard (with or without play tickets).

You have ½ hour or less until your play starts:

If you find yourself in that semi-awkward space of time where you can’t really settle into a restaurant before having to leave for your play, I recommend checking out MIX.  Located on the corner of the plaza, it is an easy walk to the play houses.  Not only do they offer great coffees/ lattes, they also have an incredible pastry selection that is prepared in-house.  Grab a macaroon and enjoy a leisurely walk back to the theaters.

You have 15 minutes or less:

Okay, so maybe with 15 minutes or less you should just relax and wait for the doors of the playhouse to open.  If however, you prefer a last minute tour of Ashland’s downtown, grab a coffee at Starbucks and cross the street to Paddington Station.  There you will find a wide assortment of gift ideas ranging from beautiful to practical, and even funny.

No matter how little time you have Ashland’s streets offer a multitude of entertainment options and whether or not you take these suggestions, I am sure you will find enjoyable ways to fill your time as you wait for your next play.

Grizzly Peak Blog Photo

If you are looking for something adventurous to do while in Ashland, Grizzly Peak may be just what you’re looking for. At an elevation of 5,922 feet, Grizzly Peak offers a breathtaking view of the Rogue Valley and the city of Ashland.  The trailhead to the summit is a gorgeous 5 mile round-trip hike through a mixed forest of fir and pine. This hike is notorious for sightings of elk, deer, golden eagles, and hawks. In addition to wild life, the hike provides unforgettable views of the Cascades. These views include, but are not limited to, Diamond Peak, Mt. McLoughlin, and Mt. Shasta. The optimal season for this adventure is between the months of April and October, late spring being a favorite among the locals. Always remember to bring plenty of water while enjoying the outdoors, and never hike alone.

Live Music Picture

The winter seems to be shifting quickly into spring and with the slightly warmer temperatures, many of us here in Ashland are starting to stir from our winter hibernation.  The question is what is going on in Ashland to entice us out of our homes?  I personally have always enjoyed seeing live music, so with the warmer weather I have been taking myself out to see what Ashland’s music scene has to offer.  So far, I have enjoyed an array of musical styles ranging from bluegrass and rock to soft guitar-based jazz, and folk.  While varying greatly in styles, many of the artists have struck their own balance between dance-friendly covers as well as compelling original songs.    The schedules for who is playing when and where often change weekly so visit to see who’s playing tonight!

Ashland Film Fest Picture

The Ashland Film Festival

Spring is upon us here in Southern Oregon. As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, the town of Ashland begins preparation for the 13th annual Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF). The festival last five days and will be held from April 3rd through the 7th. Filmmakers from around the world flock to Ashland to promote their documentaries, features, shorts, and engage with their audiences. Don’t miss the chance to be one of over 7000 film lovers that travel to Ashland every spring for this momentous occasion. The festival will feature over 80 films in five days with a range of genres sure to accommodate all tastes. Special guests have included Albert Maysles, Bruce Campbell, Helen Hunt and more. The majority of the films will be shown within a few blocks of the Stratford Inn. To learn more visit

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